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Satellite Phones Direct began operations in the year , and is located in Norcross, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. We have been located in our current modern facility since early , which houses both our retail storefront and our administrative and support offices. We are not an Internet only business operating from an unknown location.5/5(1). Satellite Phone Sales are Australia's number 1 online Satellite Phone Online Store. When you need to talk to an expert why go anywhere else. At Satellite Phones Direct we understand you want to ask questions and make sure you get the right advice. So call us today on Satellite Phones Direct has been acquired by Roadpost USA (a subsidiary of Roadpost Inc.), a foremost provider of mobile satellite products and services to more .

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Clarke Green, a volunteer Scout leader and operator of scoutmastercg. Learn more about our shipping options. We realize how important it is that you can make calls on your satellite phone anywhere in the world. At Mobal, it's all included in the price of your rental. Always check the return shipping rate when comparing rental companies. Many of our competitors will charge you for extra batteries, carry cases, chargers and other accessories. They entice you with low satellite phone rental costs, making it seem as if you're getting a great deal, but this cost usually excludes necessary accessories.

We even set up voicemail for you so it is satellite phones direct to use. Many companies charge a fee to set up voicemail. At Satellite phones direct, we have hour English-speaking customer support to help you wherever you are in the world.

It gives you peace of mind while renting from us. Two-stage dialing will lower the cost for people calling your Iridium phone; they only have to pay the cost of satellite phones direct a call to Arizona. Mobal covers you if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged. See our full terms for all the details. They explain why they always carry a satellite phone when they go filming in the wilderness and why they choose a satellite phone from Mobal.

And let us finish with this light-hearted video on the importance of traveling with a satellite phone. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that you are complying with the applicable licensing conditions for the satellite phones direct you are visiting. Contact the Consulate or Airport Customs for further information.

I decided to rent this phone while I was out of the country and in a jungle as the cell simply does not work! The sat phone worked fine in the jungle and on the beach nearby. When it came in the most handy though was in a very unexpected place.

My cell was dead did not charge it on the plane and the temp was in at about 10 F, my clothing was limited as Satellite phones direct travel very light and had expected to be in my warm car! I decided to try your phone as a last ditch, doubting that it would work as I was so close to the city and all of it's buildings.

Thankfully it worked and I was able to call for help, satellite phones direct. The phone may have saved my life, and I will not hesitate to use one again for future travels! So that is it, your phone worked wonderfully, satellite phones direct, the service was great, and again, I love that so much of the profit goes to a good cause. Thanks so much Mobal! I rented the phone to be used for emergency communications since we were in an area with limited cell coverage.

It provided great peace of mind and helped us relax knowing that we had communication. The single reason I chose Mobal, and what I convey to friends, is the humanitarian work Mobal is involved with. Your product and service is superior to your competitors but satellite phones direct is your company's values I care about.

I will always use and recommend your products. Thanks for making a significant difference and impact to others with your profits. Mobal provided our school with excellent technology and service, which allowed us to safely deliver an essential part of our educational program. Thank you! Used phone to call Basecamp to have us flown out of our immediate area we were staying several years ago. There were forest fires all around us and we were able to reach out for help.

Thanks My husband, son, satellite phones direct, and some friends satellite phones direct going fishing in Canada for a week, satellite phones direct.

The only way I could get my husband to go was to rent a satellite phone in case of emergency. The phone worked great! Everyone in the party used the free text feature. We were very pleased. You have a repeat customer and a few new customers! We found the phone very easy to use and the size of the phone bag was easy to transport, satellite phones direct. The Phone came on time and worked great. Easy directions so very Satisfied.

We rented this phone for our annual Offroad club satellite phones direct to the rubicon trail in the ca Sierra Nevada mountains, satellite phones direct.

We usually never need it but it's satellite phones direct safe to have. But this year we had a jeep break an axle and we're lucky enough to reach a friend to bring a spare to us and save the day. Rental was satellite phones direct piece of cake. No hassles, free shipping and return. Would definitely recommend and rent from again Will always have a Mobal SAT phone on my trips! Our group travels to the most northern parts of Ontario on a yearly basis.

Two of which have had heart conditions and one over It's a secure feeling knowing in an emergency we would be able to contact help. All Mobal Satellite phones direct Kits are supplied with everything you need for your trip — for no extra charge. You get a mains charger and a vehicle charger too so you can top up your charge when you need to. Just click the video screen to start watching Satellite Savior.

Page Contents. Pay no deposits There are no deposits to pay with your Mobal Satellite Phone — so you can keep your credit card free for your trip. Recommended By. JC, California, satellite phones direct. Jeremy Schaad, WY. Patti Workman.

David Elmore Watershed School, Colorado. Shipping Options Explained Standard Shipping Delivery on or before your approximate due date by p. Available to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii satellite phones direct with FedEx. Monday to Friday delivery only. Standard Overnight by pm Delivery on your approximate due date by 3 p.

Available to all 50 states, though not available in all areas of Alaska and Hawaii shipping with FedEx. Priority Overnight by am Delivery on your approximate due date by a. Saturday Shipping Saturday delivery by noon or p. Available to the majority of U. No Saturday shipping is available for Hawaii. Rent a Mobal Satellite Phone today and we'll pay for your return shipping.

Please Wait With 2-stage dialing, callers can get in touch with you by callinga North American, Arizona-based number, satellite phones direct. The call is then routed to satellite phones direct Mobal Iridium handset.

And there's no monthly fee; all callers pay for is a call to Arizona, no matter where you are in the world. This solves the problem of some telephone carriers not accessing the country code.


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satellite phones direct


We use the world's only truly global satellite phone network. We realize how important it is that you can make calls on your satellite phone anywhere in the world. That’s why we rent only Iridium satellite phones. We include FREE Fed-Ex return standard shipping. Many of our competitors charge in excess of $50 for standard return shipping. Callmonitor LLC DBA Please note that satellite telephones require a direct line of sight from the antenna to the satellite. Therefore, phones do not work inside buildings or vehicles unless used with an external antenna. Satellite Phones Direct has been acquired by Roadpost USA (a subsidiary of Roadpost Inc.), a foremost provider of mobile satellite products and services to more .